McKenna Karpan
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While researching trends within the beauty industry I noticed a use of glossy and high shine finishes as well as bold and eye catching application. This combined with trends in design like maximalism, use of jewel tones, and bold graphic lines related back to a sense of elevated nostalgia with 80’s and 90’s aesthetics merging. My concept of birthstones as the inspiration of the product colors is a fun way to tie together these trends in the market as well as offer the guest the feeling of a more personalized product but done in a way that is still available in a mass product market.

When assembling a moodboard for this collection I looked at companies embracing the glossy and jewel trends as well as inspiring imagery. Then also focused on specific packaging and campaigns already on the market for some inspiration.


To better understand this collections intended market I developed a persona. For this product line the guest would look something like Sara, a 19 year old student from Phoenix AZ who doesn’t have a lot to spend but enjoys shopping.


- Spending time with friends

- Shopping

- Watching reality television


- Doesn’t want to spend a lot

- Buys fun trendy pieces

- Seeks good product within her budget


- Glossier

- Color Pop


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When sketching packaging I wanted to convey the collections bold and high shine aesthetic using graphic lines and jewel tones. To keep the collection cohesive each piece has a gemstone shape and neutral but fun coloring to let the colors of the makeup product be to focus. The center of this collection is the eyeshadow palette with 12 glitter and iridescent shades representing the birthstones. In keeping with the high shine trend this collection would have 12 lip glosses and 12 highlighters with a mixture of some bold and approachable shades. With this I imagine the guest would buy not only their own birthstone shade but also colors that appeal to them. The packaging on the highlighters would carry the gem graphic from the eyeshadow palette but have different shades of metallic foil to represent the color of the birthstone.

Proposed shades represented by existing market options