McKenna Karpan
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IKIGAI: Mimizu Compost Unit

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IKIGAI is a culinary lifestyle brand with a focus on urban life and sustainability. With this product I sought to design for the modern city dweller who needs a simpler cooking environment.

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This compost unit utilizes the vermiculture composting method in which earth worms are used to break down food waste and turn it into nutrient rich soil that can be used elsewhere in the home. In this design I focused on making a product that looks clean and simple in order to make the process of composting more approachable to the customer. The unit’s small lid is where the user would insert small scraps for composting. Then when the food has been broken down the user opens the larger flap to take out the removable silicone bucket, this acts as an easy method of transport for the soil without having to touch the dirt itself. 

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